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329 comments to “Guestbook”

  1. Dear Sunny,
    I have been re-reading your books again &
    I love your stories all over again!!
    will Mona Lisa succeed as monere
    Ambassador? Please continue writing.
    Your stories are so passionate &
    I can’t help but be moved, touched,
    deeply affected. You’re amazing & so talented.
    Please write again!!!!

  2. It’s been two years since the last book..any ideas on what’s going on with sunny? Will there be a continuation of Mona Lisa???

  3. Fellow fans, this is the e-mail response I got from Sunny when asked about her continuing. I received it 12/3/12:

    Thank you! I love my fans and am sorry to hold you guys in limbo. Am not writing at the moment since returning to practice medicine. Not sure when I can return to writing. I was hoping only a one or two year hiatus but may be longer. Sorry.



  4. Awww…thats so sad…but we will wait & hope Sunny will continue writing 😆

  5. Dear Sunny,
    Your writing is amazing, I understand your dream is to work with medicine, but I believe your book help so many people. I love your books and would be very sad if you didn’t continue they have helped me through some very bad times in my life. You are my favorite writer I have read you books so many times my books are falling a part, I’ve been asked why I read them so many time and my answer is because they are the best books I have ever found. I watch for Your name all the time and keep hoping you begin to write again. Please write again your books have help me in more ways than anyone can imagine. Your ever devoted fan Twinkle Rose smith

  6. Dear Sunny

    You are one of the best authors ive had a chance to read from. The way you write your books is wonderful. You always keep us wondering and fearful during those suspensful times in the novel. I hope you return to writing novels soon (like mona lisa’s story), and that maybe you might be able to balance practicing medicine and showing us your creative side.
    Please write more soon.

  7. Dear Sunny!

    I want to thank you for writing all your novels. I have now finished reading your Demon Princess-books and the whole Mona Lisa-series. I am thrilled with the fantastic dark scenery you have created that so far I have only found in Neil Gaimans books (especially the Sandman-series). I really hope that you continue writing because you have an amazing talent.

    Best wishes from Finland <3

  8. Love and own all your books , just wish they came out faster…so whens your next one coming out?

  9. Sigh…..I love your writing…just read the post about not writing again for a while….I applaud you for being such a multi-talented person…however; my selfish side begs for more books! Thanks Sunny

  10. I love your books. You are an amazing writer. I can see what I am reading as it is that detailed with tons of passion. I hope that this is not the end of both series that I fell in love with.

  11. Dear Sunny,
    I would like to know when will be published the Mona Lisa Blossoming, Craving, etc. in Hungary? I read the first book and i love it 🙂 Thank you for your help!
    Have a nice day!

  12. Will there be a sequel to mona lisa eclipsing in the monere serie? I really love all the books…
    thank you for your work.

  13. Hi
    Is there another book coming out?
    Pretty please!!!!!!

  14. Dear sunny is there to bemore in the mona lisa books.loved all of them and just want to read more thanks for the monere world xxx

  15. Hi Sunny,
    I’m with everyone else, there has to be more to Mona Lisa and her men. I couldn’t put the books down, they were amazing! Please, is there more in the works? Thanks 😉

  16. Own all your books and wondered when your next book to the Monère, Children of the Moon Series or Demon Princess Chronicles will be coming out?

  17. Sending you a cyber-hug for reading all of my Monere and Demon Princess novels. Unfortunately I have no future stories planned. Am fully occupied by my day job at the moment but thank you for sharing Mona Lisa and Lucinda’s lives and adventures.

  18. Hi Sunny,
    Just read that you’ve got no future stories planned, and I have to admit to being heartbroken. I hope your patients appreciate you, because you have a WORLD of fans out there (myself being one of your absolute BIGGEST!) who have waited years for your muse to start screaming in your ear to write again!
    Hopefully, ML and Lucinda will demand their tales be told again soon, because you’re one very talented lady, and I would gladly purchase any future adventures (I’ve been patiently waiting!)
    You have an amazing talent. Thank you for letting us into your world 🙂

  19. Hi! :mrgreen:
    Recently finished reading books makes Mona Lisa, and I was deeply saddened to learn that not follow any of their sagas. 😥
    I hope that in the future decide to continue, many profoundly glad we can continue reading the adventures of Mona Lisa and Lucinda. 8)
    Of course, thank you very much for creating this incredible world and share it with your readers, will continue waiting. 😀

  20. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the adventure! LOVED BOTH the Mona Lisa Books and the Lucinda Books. Very saddened to hear that no future books are planned. 🙁 I re-read this series at least once a year. Here’s to hoping that you’ll get the urge again! Best wishes! and thank you again! 😀

  21. Sunny,

    I wanted to let you know that your fans are still out here. Your Mona Lisa and Lucinda series is so vivid that people can’t help but be drawn in. It’s hard for us to just let this world die. I hope that life, family and whatever else that has been holding you back from helping us escape into new stories from this amazing world you have created will ease up. If you ever publish another ML or Lucinda story you have devoted fans ready to rush and purchase them.

    Thank you!

  22. I can’t in finding your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service.

  23. I love the stories you write. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment.

  24. Dear Miss Sunny,

    Thank you for writing the Mona Lisa series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! You have a wonderful talent and I hope someday that you will continue Mona Lisa’s journey. For the meantime I have just ordered the Lucinda books and I am really looking forward to getting into them this Summer.

    All the best!

  25. Hello, I see another fan wrote earlier in 2018. Hope one day when you retire from your medical practice that you’ll write again. I don’t read erotic books, but your’s is an exception. The characters were well written and the ‘world’ was great. I’ll keep checking back… maybe one day. I hope you still read your comments and know that your fans are loyal and have a lot of patience. Thanks for the books you did have time to write.

  26. The world you’ve shared with us has kept us all captive for many years. I know I am only another voice among many when I say that I wish for the story to continue. You are an inspiration to us all and I just wanted to share my deep gratitude for the work and effort you put in to make the monere works come to life. Count me as another avid reader that would jump at the chance to buy another of your books… salutations from down under (Australia)

  27. I read your books a few years ago and I miss them! I found myself re-reading them again and have fallen in love with your writing and the characters within your books. I hope you are well and one day continue with the Mona Lisa and Lucinda series. ?

  28. I read your books a few years ago and I miss them! I found myself re-reading them again and have fallen in love with your writing and the characters within your books. I hope you are well and one day continue with the Mona Lisa and Lucinda series. ?

  29. I hope you return to writing eventually. Thank you for the hours captivated inside mona Lisa World.

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